If you are in need of an x-ray, stop in and see us. All we need is the order from your physician and we will do the rest. This is also a walk in service and does not require an appointment.

Crestview, Niceville and Perdido Urgent Cares offer state of the art digital imaging with our computed radiography machines. Computed radiography is unique in the way that it uses photo-stimulated luminescence screens that contain crystals that are activated by the x-ray beam. CR images are then converted to digital format when scanned by our processor and made viewable on a specialized high-resolution monitor. Scanning of the cassettes to digitalize the image takes approximately two minutes, thus creating a more time efficient exam.

Today’s computed radiography machines produce high quality, high resolution, precise images that aid in proper diagnoses. CR machines require much less power as compared with standard film-screen machines, resulting in a lower radiation dose to our patients. CR is constantly changing and we maintain our software and machines to perform the highest quality, up to date examinations.